The goal of the workshop is to provide participants with a solid theoretical understanding of the foundations of conflict management and interest-based mediation and the practical skills to conduct mediation with self-assurance and comfort. The training also enhances competence to work with employees, clients, customers, patients etc. in one-on-one settings. Topics covered include the nature of disputes and how disputes are resolved, the relationship of power, rights and interests, managing anger, the mediation process from preparation through to resolution and follow-up, essential skills and strategies of the mediator, co-mediation, caucusing, the effects of power, culture and trust in disputes, conflict analysis of a complex situation, convening a mediation, basic group intervention design, professional mediation ethics, and practical aspects of operating a conflict management practice.



40 Hours



Richard Moore

Colm Brannigan



This is an approved course of the ADR Institute of Ontario

3 hr 15 mins professionalism content
1 hr 30 mins EDI professionalism content