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Regardless of your field of practice, working effectively with others is a business imperative. Being able to engage effectively with colleagues and co-workers, clients and partners is no longer nice to do. It is need to do. The need for greater collaboration has emerged in response to many factors. Issues today are more complex – affecting multiple people in multiple ways. ‘Joined up’ problems require ‘joined up’ solutions. Effective leaders require skills that allow them to build relationships and work with others to find mutually beneficial solutions. Engagement is a critical skill in today’s operating environment and offers a vital platform for building relationships and a sense of collective ownership. It is the key that allows organizations to create social capital.

This workshop provides a foundation for understanding engagement and the skills  needed to be an effective convergence facilitator. Participants will learn how to map their own networks, design and execute an effective engagement strategy and  how to engage those who are traditionally excluded. This Workshop will assist you in building your engagement skills, provide  an understanding of engagement theory, and focus specifically on providing tips, tools and techniques for engaging effectively.


• The difference between consultation and engagement
• The range of approaches for working together…successfully
• What is, and what is not, possible through collaboration
• Dialogic Leadership and your role as a champion of collaborative and creative change
• Practical tools to assist you in better understanding your network and your community
• An overview of the ‘Conversation Continuum’
• How to ‘Create Compelling Commitment’ across a diverse, divided, polarized constituency
• Special engagement considerations (e.g. Indigenous engagement, including engaging those who are ‘traditionally excluded’, engaging across a dynamic demographic and using technology to advantage)
• How to measure your success



7 Hours




Karen Wianecki